Gillette Stadium

October 8, 2019

The Stadium Managers Association promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at Gillette Stadium. The Gillette Stadium Fan Code of Conduct and the details of the alcohol management plan that appear below ensure that fans have a safe and fun experience.

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Age to Check ID:   25 or younger
Max Alcohol Drinks:   2 per person, per transaction
Spirits Sold:    
Max Beer Size:    
Max Wine Size:    
Max Spirits Size:    


Concession Stands:   End of the 3rd Quarter
Clubs/Suites:   End of the 3rd Quarter

Fan Outreach is not currently conducted by  TEAM Coalition at Gillette Stadium.

TEAM Training at Gillette Stadium is conducted by the New England Patriots and TeamOps.

Gillette Stadium is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for patrons of all ages. We are proud to present a Code of Conduct designed to enhance the experience of all our guests. Patrons are responsible for their conduct and for the conduct of their guests. In particular, patrons and their guests are prohibited from the following:

  • Exhibiting behavior that is unruly, disruptive, irresponsible or illegal in nature.
  • Using foul, abusive or offensive language or making obscene gestures.
  • Interfering with any ongoing event, business activity or the enjoyment of others.
  • Engaging in public intoxication.
  • Verbally or physically harassing any of our guests or staff.
  • Advertising or selling goods or services.
  • Smoking or vaping. Gillette Stadium is a non-smoking facility.
  • Unauthorized transmission of accounts or descriptions of the game or event, including play-by-play data.
  • Violating the terms of any applicable admission ticket license, policy or related laws.
  • Failing to follow instructions of security personnel or law enforcement.

Patrons and their guests who violate these provisions will be ejected without refund and also may lose ticket privileges for future events. We thank you for adhering to our Code of Conduct.