FAU Stadium

October 7, 2019

The Stadium Managers Association promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at FAU  Stadium. The FAU Stadium Fan Code of Conduct and the details of the alcohol management plan that appear below ensure that fans have a safe and fun experience.

  • NCAA
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Age to Check ID:    
Max Alcohol Drinks:    
Spirits Sold:    
Max Beer Size:    
Max Wine Size:    
Max Spirits Size:    
 FAU Alcohol Policy


Concession Stands:   No
Hawkers   No
Clubs/Suites:   Yes

Fan Outreach is not conducted by TEAM Coalition at FAU Stadium.

Alcohol Management at FAU Stadium is not currently conducted by TEAM Coalition.

Fan Conduct Policy and Procedures:
FAU sports fans have long been noted for their enthusiasm, spirit, support and sportsmanship. This image is shaped not only by our student-athletes, coaches, students, faculty members, staff members and alumni, but also by all other fans as well. Our goal is to create a first-class environment which lends tremendous support to our teams while maintaining a safe and fun atmosphere for all fans, including any visitors to the campus. Several important items that you should always remember are listed below:

    • NCAA policy: NCAA policy prohibits fans from entering the field of play, unless they are properly credentialed or accompanied by an authorized staff member. Violators are subject to arrest.
  • Prohibited Behavior: obnoxious, threatening, or inconsiderate behavior such as standing in the aisles, portals or concourses, profane and abusive language, smoking in prohibited areas, fighting, and drunkenness will not be tolerated and can result in ejection, arrest, and/or loss of season ticket privileges. Standing on seats/bleachers is strictly prohibited and throwing of any objects in (or from) the stands, including paper and plastic cups, are also prohibited. Should you observe any of this disruptive behavior please notify your nearest law enforcement officer.
  • Enforcement:Authorized FAU representatives have the right to stop any hazardous or inappropriate activities anywhere on campus, including in the stadium. Any fan found violating any policies, or in the sole opinion of security personnel his (or her) conduct endangers or disrupts the players, coaches, officials or fans, may be removed from the stadium. Additionally, individuals conducting hazardous or in appropriate activities are subject to arrest and prosecution under applicable state and federal statutes. Offenders’ names may be forwarded to the FAU Athletics Department by the law enforcement official reporting the citation. Offenders may be issued a warning by the FAU Athletics Department or lose their ticket privileges. FAU students are also responsible for adhering to the FAU Student Code of Conduct as outlined in Regulation 4.007. Student referrals will be made to the Office of Student Conduct.Always practice positive, fan-friendly behavior. Be respectful of those around you and your tailgating area. Remember: drunkenness, obscene or harassing behavior, and violence or threats of violence will not be tolerated.
All conduct shall be subject to FAU Regulations, Policies and the Student Code of Conduct, as well as applicable federal, state and local laws and ordinances.