Birmingham Regions Field

October 15, 2019

The Stadium Managers Association promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at Birmingham Regions Field. The Birmingham Regions Field Fan Code of Conduct and the details of the alcohol management plan that appear below ensure that fans have a safe and fun experience.

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Age to Check ID:    
Max Alcohol Drinks:    
Spirits Sold:    
Max Beer Size:    
Max Wine Size:    
Max Spirits Size:    


Concession Stands:    end of the 7th inning
Hawkers    end of the 7th inning
Clubs/Suites:    end of the 7th inning

Birmingham Barons management is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all guests. Our staff will proactively intervene to support a family oriented environment where all guests can enjoy the entertainment experience free from the following behaviors:

  • Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.
  • Any disruption of the game by a guest’s actions or unauthorized entrance on the playing field or restricted areas.
  • Intoxication or other signs of impairment.
  • Obscene or indecent clothing.
  • Guests seated in a location other than their ticketed seat.

If someone interferes with your enjoyment of a game, please contact a Barons representative or visit the Customer Service Booth located behind section 108/109.

Alcohol Management at Birmingham Regions Field is not currently conducted by TEAM Coalition.

Fan Outreach is not conducted by TEAM Coalition at Birmingham Regions Field.