Edmonton Oilers

October 15, 2015

The Edmonton Oilers promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at Rogers Place. The Oilers Fan Code of Conduct and the details of the Oilers alcohol management plan that appear below ensure that fans have a safe and fun experience.

  • Aramark
  • Molson


Age to Check ID: 30
Max Alcohol Drinks: 2/person/possession
Maximum Cup Size: 20 oz beer; 9 oz wine; 1.25 liquor
Liquor Sold: Yes


Concession Stands: Start of the 3rd Period
Hawkers: Start of the 3rd Period
Clubs/Suites: North Club Bar open for 1 hour after the game; Suites are open 1 hour after the game
Night Games: Same as Day Games


  • Please seek the nearest Rogers Place staff member
  • Text 587-207-Help (4357) followed by your location and concern
  • Proceed to our Guest Service Centres located at Section 121, Section 129 and Section 230.

Alcohol management training at Rogers Place is not currently conducted by TEAM Coalition.

Rogers Place is committed to providing guests with a safe atmosphere during events. To learn more about the Designated Driver Program at Rogers Place, please visit any of our three Guest Services Centres located at Section 121Section 129 and Section 230.

Rogers Place is committed to providing all guests with an enjoyable and memorable entertainment experience. To create a safe and secure environment for all guests, the following conduct has been deemed unacceptable at Rogers Place:

• The use of aggressive, offensive or abusive language and actions.
• Violent behaviour including fighting, taunting and making threatening remarks or gestures.
• Smoking including cigarettes, cigars, narcotics and e-cigarettes.
• Intoxication or other signs of substance impairment.
• Throwing objects of any kind.
• Displaying signs or clothing with obscene, offensive, gang affiliated or indecent messages.
• Inappropriate displays of affection.
• Standing on seats or blocking the aisles.
• Refusal or inability to produce a valid ticket to venue personnel.
• Sitting in seats other than one’s ticketed seat.
• Entering clearly marked restricted areas.
• Any action that impedes the enjoyment of other guests including interference with the event or game.
• Violation of any municipal, provincial, or federal laws.

Our team has been trained to proactively intervene when required and Rogers Place is committed to engaging all guests in a professional, respectful and courteous manner.

Violators of the Guest Code of Conduct are subject to ejection without refund, banishment from the premises and revocation of season seats. Actions which constitute criminal behaviour, as defined by law, may result in arrest and prosecution.

Rogers Place personnel thank you for adhering to the Code of Conduct.