Carolina Hurricanes

October 15, 2015


The Carolina Hurricanes promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at PNC Arena. The Hurricanes Fan Code of Conduct and the details of the Hurricanes alcohol management plan that appear below ensure that fans have a safe and fun experience.

  • Bud Light
  • TEAM Coalition


Age to Check ID: 30
Max Alcohol Drinks: 2/person/possession
Maximum Cup Size: 24 oz beer; 10 oz wine; 1.25 oz liquor
Liquor Sold: Yes


Concession Stands: 10 minutes into the 3rd Period
Hawkers: 10 minutes into the 3rd Period
Clubs/Suites: Suites – 10 minutes into the 3rd Period; Clubs – approximately 1 hour after game ends
Night Games: Same as Day Games


  • Notify the nearest usher or arena representative

Alcohol Management Training at PNC Arena is not currently conducted by TEAM Coalition.

The Bud Light Good Sport Program is designed to encourage fans to drink responsibly while attending a Carolina Hurricanes game and other designated PNC Arena evens (ie. most concerts). When available, the Good Sport Designated Driver Station is located at section 127, across from the Guest Services. Guests wishing to participate in the program can sign up at the booth and receive a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage.

Designated Driver Program History:

Hurricanes:     League:
2016-2017 4,313     129,493
2015-2016 4,152     114,836
2014-2015: 4,443     111,207

Proper Behavior is expected from all of our guests. Obscene language or gestures, abusive/rowdy behavior and physical confrontation will not be tolerated at PNC Arena and will be cause for ejection and/or arrest.

Please immediately notify the nearest usher or arena representative if actions of this type occur.

PNC Arena management reserves the right to relocate seating to any performance, event or game.

Media reports have said that we are one of the loudest buildings in the NHL. Although we love for our fans to cheer, we must maintain some basic protocols. As some fans like to stand and cheer, others prefer to sit and cheer. Fans who sit are entitled to enjoy the event from their seats without undue obstruction. Many of our guests have mobility impairments and may not be able to stand as others do. Fans are advised that while cheering for the team, please be cognizant and courteous to those around you.

For the safety of all, guests are prohibited from throwing any object in the stands or onto the playing surface or stage.

Entering the playing field, floor, or restricted areas of the building is strictly prohibited and may result in ejection and/or arrest.

For safety reasons, children are not allowed to be placed or carried on a person’s shoulders.

PNC Arena is a smoke and tobacco free facility; including electronic cigarettes. Smoking areas are available outside the arena. Guests wishing to smoke are directed to the appropriate exits, located at sections 108 and 115.

The soliciting of rides, loitering, selling of goods and the soliciting of funds or services including the distribution of flyers, or holding of signage not relative to the event in which a valid ticket has been purchased is prohibited on PNC Arena property; including the immediate vicinity thereof is prohibited.

Only invited guests, those doing business with PNC Arena and/or those holding valid event tickets may enter onto and remain on the property for the purpose of conducting said business with PNC Arena and/or attending a scheduled event.

Parking on roadways, medians, grass malls, and traffic lanes prohibited. All guests must follow the directions of our parking and traffic agents. Violators may be ticketed by local police and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Parking lots and roadways are to be used in a safe manner. Circulation between lots is prohibited.

Activities such as ball playing and skating are safety hazards and therefore are not allowed inside or outside of PNC Arena. Anyone seen skating will be asked to remove the wheels from the shoe or refrain from using the skating medium (i.e Rollerblading, Skateboarding, Heelys, etc).

Tailgaiting is permitted; however, cars must occupy only one parking space. Use of grills must follow OPEN FIRES PROHIBITED guidelines.

The igniting of fires* for any purpose whatsoever is prohibited on PNC Arena property.

*Personal grills are permitted in the parking lots only. The use of grills is prohibited on sidewalks, near buildings with or without canopies or in any area where guests or property may be damaged.

No person shall cut, mutilate, or remove any trees, shrubs, flowers, plants, topsoil, or sod located upon the property unless authorized by management. Damage, defacement, removal, or destruction of the surface of the facility or its structures, appurtenances, recreational facilities, or property is prohibited.

For the safety and privacy of our guests, spectators, tenants, promoters, and property, the use and operation of Drones/UAS/UAV are prohibited in and over our airspace, in our parking lots, roadwatss, properties owned, leased, occupied, or managed by PNC Arena, including Carter-Finley Stadium and surrounding areas.

Violation of PNC Arena policies or state/local laws may result in ejections, fines, and/or prosecution. In addition, violators may be barred from future events at PNC Arena. Ejected parties may make a written appeal to the Arena Manager or his designee. The decision rendered on appeal shall be final.