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The New York Jets promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at MetLife Stadium. The Jets alcohol management plan ensures that fans have a safe and fun experience.

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MetLife Stadium is committed to providing a memorable event day experience for all guests. With that goal in mind, we have developed a Guest Code of Conduct which all guests are expected to follow.

MetLife Stadium, the Giants, Jets and our promoters ask the guests to assist in creating an enjoyable and safe environment by:

  • Respecting each other as well as our employees
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner
  • Refraining from fighting, throwing items or using foul/abusive language or gestures
  • Not displaying indecent messages on clothing
  • Not creating a disruption to the progress of the event by their actions
  • Showing their ticket when requested and only sitting in their ticketed seat
  • Following instructions from staff regarding stadium operations and emergency procedures
  • Allowing each other to be free to support their team or entertainer while remaining respectful and courteous to their fellow patrons, referees, opposing team fans and players
  • Keeping MetLife Stadium SMOKE-FREE

Stadium staff have been trained and instructed to take necessary actions to ensure the above expectations are maintained. Guests are encouraged to report and inappropriate behavior to the nearest Guest or Safety Service Representative, any Guest Relations Booth or through our text messaging service.


Alcohol Service Policies
Age to Check ID: 40 and younger
Max Alcohol Drinks: 2/person/ possession
Max Cup Size: 20 oz
Bottles: Sold with caps off
Liquor Sold: Clubs & Suites
Cut-off Policies
Concession Stands: Beginning of 3rd Quarter
Hawkers: N/A
Clubs/Suites: End of 3rd Quarter
Night Games: Same as Day Games
Tailgating Policies:
Time Lots Open: 4 Hours before Kick-off
Time Lots Close: 2 Hours after Game
Prohibited Items: Glass containers, kegs, funnels
Permitted Items: Plastic bottles, cans, small BBQs
Text Messaging System:
Guests can anonymously report unruly fan behavior by sending a text message. Note: Teams are able to track the origin of the calls.
Text Number: 78247 – MLS [space] + Issue and Location
There are 4 “Bud Light Good Sport” designated-driver locations at MetLife Stadium. Fans may also sign up to be designated drivers at all Guest Services Booths. Fans who pledge to be designated drivers receive a complimentary soft drink and a chance to be selected as the Designated Driver for the Game. Designated Drivers for the Game are recognized on the stadium video board and receive a special prize from the Jets.

Continuing for the 2016 NFL season, the New York Jets are facing the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills in the Bud Light Good Sport Designated Driver Challenge. Jets fans who pledge to be designated drivers at MetLife Stadium earn the Jets a touchdown (6 points) in the Challenge. Jets fans who “Like” the Jets Designated Driver Challenge Facebook page earn the Jets an extra point in the Challenge.

Please make the pledge to be a responsible Jets fan and help the Jets win the Challenge!

2016 Jets Total: 691 2015 League Total: 262,206
Fans Don't Let Fans Drive Drunk