Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at Bank of America Stadium. The Panthers alcohol management plan ensures that fans have a safe and fun experience.

  • Bud Light
  • TEAM Coalition

Alcohol Service Policies

Age to Check ID: All
Max Alcohol Drinks: 2/person/ possession
Max Cup Size: 20 oz
Bottles: Sold with caps off
Cans: Yes
Liquor Sold: Clubs & Suites

Cut-off Policies

Concession Stands: End of 3rd
Hawkers: End of 3rd Club Seats Only
Clubs/Suites: Suites: 1 Hr After Game Ends
Night Games: Same as Day Games

Tailgating Policies:

Time Lots Open: Day Games – 5 Hours before Kick-off
Sunday Night Games – 4 Hours before Kick-off
Monday Night Games – 3 Hours before Kick-off
Prohibited Items: Glass containers, kegs, funnels
Permitted Items: Plastic bottles, cans, small BBQs

Text Messaging System:

Fans in need of assistance can text their issue to 704-GET-HELP (704-438-4357).

None of the organizations that operate Bank of America Stadium use TEAM for alcohol management training.

The Carolina Panthers and Anheuser-Busch have teamed up to implement the Bud Light “Good Sport” program as a thank you to fans who volunteer to become a designated driver at Panthers home games. Fans may sign up for the program at booths across from sections 106, 123, and 513. Those who volunteer to be a designated driver have a chance to win Panthers merchandise and other gifts. Winners are announced during the game.



2019 3,357 233,281
2018 3,314 265,940

The Carolina Panthers are committed to providing an enjoyable and safe game day experience. Rules of conduct are printed on the back of each ticket. Irresponsible conduct will not be tolerated at Bank of America Stadium. 

The following acts or types of behavior are prohibited (not all inclusive):

  • Possessing and/or concealing firearms, explosives, or other weapons (weapons carried with permits are also prohibited)
  • Possessing or using illegal drugs
  • Fighting
  • Harassing or threatening other patrons, stadium staff, players, or game officials
  • Projecting images onto players, coaches, officials, broadcast/network employees, or other sideline personnel by aiming a laser pointer, spotlight, or other such device at them
  • Intoxication (intoxicated patrons will not be admitted to the stadium)
  • Using profanity in close proximity to other patrons that may be objectionable (one warning)
  • Nudity – to include removal of shirts, blouses, and other items of apparel that may offend others
  • Committing sexual acts or exhibiting lewd behavior
  • Liquor violations
  • Throwing objects (including beach balls)
  • Entering the sideline area or playing field (trespassing)
  • Videotaping/audio recording of the game
  • Selling tickets or other merchandise on stadium property
  • Unreasonably obstructing the view of other patrons
  • Other acts that in the judgment of stadium management pose a threat to or diminish the enjoyment of other patrons

Whether or not certain types of behavior and/or acts are inappropriate or offensive to others may depend on one’s perspectives and values. Stadium Management reserves the right to deem an act or exhibited behavior to be inappropriate and act accordingly.

Event Staff Personnel will respond to complaints of misconduct. Patrons who fail to comply with Stadium Policy after being warned will be subject to ejection or arrest. Acts such as fighting, being abusive to others, being intoxicated, throwing objects, or committing other acts that may injure other patrons or disrupt the progress of the game may result in ejection and/or arrest without prior warning. Violations by Permanent Seat License holders or their guests may result in the revocation of the Permanent Seat License and ticket privileges. 

Items that will be permitted but will be inspected at the gates prior to entry include:

  • Any transparent plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag no larger than 12” x 6” x 12”
  • Containers for medical supplies or special food items
  • Flags without poles or sticks
  • Tablets
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