New Orleans Pelicans

October 15, 2015

The New Orleans Pelicans promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at Smoothie King Center. The Pelicans Fan Code of Conduct and the details of the Pelicans alcohol management plan that appear below ensure that fans have a safe and fun experience.

  • Centerplate
  • Budweiser
  • TEAM Coalition

Alcohol Service Policies:

Age to Check ID: 30
Max Alcohol Drinks: 2/person/possession
Maximum Cup Size: 22 oz
Bottles: Sold with caps off
Liquor Sold: Yes

Cut-off Policies:

Concession Stands: Start of the 4th Quarter
Hawkers: Start of the 4th Quarter
Clubs/Suites: 1 Hr. After Game Ends

Report Inappropriate behavior or request assistance

  • Text NOLA to 69050 with your location and issue
  • Contact an Arena Representative

Alcohol management training at Smoothie King Center is not currently conducted by TEAM Coalition.

The New Orleans Pelicans offer fans the Bud Light Good Sport Designated Driver program at all Pelicans games at Smoothie King Center.

Designated Driver Program Totals:

  Pelicans:     League:
2017-2018: 1,519     74,432
2016-2017: 538     68,379
2015-2016: 1,131     71,146
2014-2015: 965     68,537

The National Basketball Association, New Orleans Pelicans and the Smoothie King Center are committed to creating a safe and enjoyable sports and entertainment experience. We therefore ask you to refrain from any disruptive behavior, such as fighting, throwing objects, attempting to enter the court or interrupt play, or using improper language or gestures. Spectators engaging in such behavior are subject to ejection and arrest. Please report any violations of these rules to the nearest usher, security or guest services staff member. Thank you and enjoy the game.

The Smoothie King Center Management and Staff are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all. Any conduct detrimental to the safe and proper operation of an event such as, but not limited to, abusive language, threats, assault, vandalism, theft and all other inappropriate actions will result in immediate eviction from the premises or arrest and prosecution as appropriate. Patrons are encouraged to report all such behavior to any Center team member.

The following behaviors or activities are causes for eviction from the Center:

  • Use of profanity or unacceptable language of any type
  • Possession of illegal or unauthorized items
  • Inappropriate or offensive attire
  • Public intoxication
  • Entering or attempting to enter any “off limit” area such as stage area, backstage, or restroom of the opposite sex
  • Fighting or instigating a physical or verbal altercation
  • Verbally abusing, threatening, or intimidating other patrons or building employees
  • Throwing objects of any type
  • Possession of stolen or counterfeit tickets
  • Possession of any unauthorized banners or signs
  • Attempted resale of tickets

Any other conduct deemed inappropriate by Venue Management will also result in eviction.