Pocono Raceway

September 25, 2000

NASCAR promotes responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at the Pocono Raceway. The Pocono Raceway Guest Policies and the details of their alcohol management plan that appear below ensure that fans have a safe and fun experience.



Age to Check ID:    40 and under 
Max Alcohol Drinks:    2 drinks per person/transaction
Spirits Sold:    No
Max Beer Size:    
Max Wine Size:    
Max Spirits Size:    N/A
Bottles:    No
 Cut Off    Lap 120 on Sunday only

Alcohol Management at Pocono Raceway is not currently conducted by TEAM Coalition.

TEAM Coalition promoted alcohol responsibility at Pocono Raceway at the Monster Energy Cup Series race in 2019.

July 2019 with NASCAR

Designated Drivers who make the pledge at the Pocono Raceway are entered in NASCAR Responsibility Has Its Rewards Sweepstakes.

Responsible NASCAR Fans at the Pocono Raceway.

  • 374 fans pledged to be responsible fans in 2017
  • 399  fans pledged to be responsible fans in 2018
  • 241 fans pledged to be responsible fans in 2019


Pocono Raceway Management is committed to creating a safe, clean and friendly experience for our guests. Our staff will proactively support an environment free from the following behaviors:

  • Sitting in a reserved seat without the appropriate ticket
  • Offensive behavior and or disorderly conduct including but not limited to fighting, lewdness, throwing objects verbally abusive, threatening or illegal behavior
  • Smoking in non-designated smoking areas
  • Possession of prohibited items (For a list, see below)
  • Intoxication to the point of impairment or resulting in irresponsible behavior
  • Displaying items that impede sight lines, the event broadcast or on-track competition or contains inappropriate, controversial, prejudicial, obscene or offensive symbols, slogans, language or imagery
  • Attempting to interfere with on-track competition or official raceway business
  • Those found to be in violation of this Code of Conduct may be subject to ejection without refund. Violations may result in the loss of renewal privileges for future events.
    Any disruption to the progress of the event by the guest’s actions-i.e. prolonged standing (standing when other fans in the section are seated).
    Continuing inappropriate behavior may result in the guest having his/her tickets revoked, being ejected from Pocono Raceway or arrested by police. All Ticket Holders are responsible for their conduct as well as the conduct of their guests and/or persons using their tickets.
    Guest Information and Security booths are located on the Grandstand side and in the Paddock Area of the Infield. These booths offer assistance concerning Raceway activities, guest amenities, and access to disabled assistance carts and directions to various areas of Pocono Raceway.
  • For those on the infield please contact the Help Desk in case of an emergency or if you observe illegal activity, contact a raceway representative immediately or call the HELP DESK at 570-643-7184. Representatives at the Help Desk are on duty 24 hours a day during major race weekends.