Darlington Raceway

September 24, 2013

NASCAR promotes responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at the Darlington Raceway. The Darlington Raceway Guest Policies and the details of their alcohol management plan that appear below ensure that fans have a safe and fun experience.

  • Anheuser-Busch


Age to Check ID:    All ages
Max Alcohol Drinks:    2 drinks per person/transaction
Spirits Sold:  
Max Beer Size:  
Max Wine Size:  
Max Spirits Size:  

Alcohol Management at Darlington Speedway is not currently conducted by TEAM Coalition. 

TEAM Coalition promoted alcohol responsibility at Darlington Speedway at the Monster Energy Cup Series Race in 2019. 

August-September 2019 with Busch NA. 

Designated Drivers who make the pledge at the Darlington Raceway are entered in NASCAR Responsibility Has Its Rewards Sweepstakes.

Responsible NASCAR Fans at the Darlington Raceway.

  • 149 fans pledged to be responsible fans in 2016
  • 190 fans pledged to be responsible fans in 2017
  • 1036 fans pledged to be responsible fans in 2019


Darlington Raceway works to provide a fun, yet safe, environment for fans with the following policies:

  • Respect all guests, employees, and their property
  • Refrain from:
    • Sitting in a reserved seat without the appropriate ticket
    • Unruly, disruptive, verbally abusive, threatening or illegal behavior
    • Foul, abusive or obscene language, gestures, acts, signs or their display on clothing
    • Throwing objects within the stadium or onto the racing surface
    • Possession inside the track grounds of items not allowed for gate entry
    • Intoxication to the point of impairment or resulting in irresponsible behavior risking yourself or other guests
    • Fighting, taunting, harassing or threatening other guests
    • Displaying signage or flags that impedes sightlines, the event broadcast or on-track competition or contains inappropriate, controversial, prejudicial, obscene or offensive symbols, slogans, language or imagery
    • Attempting to interfere with on-track competition
  • Observe no smoking in all designated grandstand family seating areas, stairs and in elevators
  • Comply with all parking, camping, and RV published rules
  • Follow all instructions of Raceway personnel
  • Comply with all local, state and federal law while on the Raceway property
  • All persons entering the Raceway are subject to reasonable search to protect the safety of the public and to ensure compliance with this Code of Conduct
  • Items intended for sale or trade may not be brought onto Raceway property, including the parking lots, without a written agreement with the Raceway
  • The unauthorized resale of tickets in, on or around the Raceway property is not permitted under any circumstances. Persons caught selling tickets in violation may have their tickets and their right to future tickets to the Raceway revoked. To avoid using counterfeit or stolen tickets, please purchase tickets through authorized Raceway ticket outlets only