New York Red Bulls


The New York Red Bulls promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at Red Bull Arena. The Red Bulls Fan Code of Conduct and details of the Red Bulls alcohol management plan that appear below ensure that fans have a safe and fun experience.

The New York Red Bulls and Major League Soccer are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable soccer experience for all guests in and around our stadiums.  MLS fans have a right to expect an environment where:

  • Fans are encouraged to cheer, sing and otherwise support their team while remaining respectful and courteous to their fellow patrons, referees, opposing team players and fans.
  • Fans enjoy the soccer experience free from fighting, thrown objects, attempts to enter the playing field, political or inciting messages, and disorderly behavior, including foul, sexist, racial, obscene or abusive language or gestures.
  • Fans comply with requests from stadium staff regarding stadium policies and emergency response procedures.
  • Fans promptly and carefully return the ball to a stadium staff member or the ball kid on the sidelines in the event that a soccer ball enters the stands.
  • Alcoholic beverages are consumed in a responsible manner and only by those of legal age.
  • Fans conduct themselves in a lawful manner to avoid incidents in the stadium and surrounding areas.

*The use of confetti as an expression of fan enthusiasm is not prohibited, but will be kept under review.  Streamers are prohibited, but will be kept under review.


The New York Red Bulls and Major League Soccer thank you for adhering to the provisions of this Code of Conduct and making this event special and memorable to you and your fellow patrons.

  • Delaware North Sportservice
  • Heineken
  • TEAM Coalition

Guests who attend events at Red Bull Arena expect to have a good time.  As such, it is our duty to ensure that those guests who drink alcoholic beverages do so responsibly.  The following is a list of alcohol policies instituted at the Arena:

  • Guests will not be permitted to bring alcoholic beverages into the Arena.
  • Guests will not be allowed to enter the Arena if they appear to be intoxicated.
  • Limit of (2) alcoholic beverages per possession.
  • By New Jersey State law, alcoholic beverages are not vended in the seating areas.
  • All guests must provide valid proof of age.
  • Alcohol sales are shut off at the 55th minute of soccer matches or earlier at management’s discretion.
  • For other events including concerts and sporting events, Arena management will determine the shut off time on a case by case basis.
  • Drunk and disorderly behavior as well as violation of any alcohol policy will result in ejection from the Arena without refund and could result in the loss of season tickets.

Since 2010, Delaware North Sportservice and Securitas Security Services at Red Bull Arena have been recognized by TEAM Coalition for their commitment to training gameday staff in responsible alcohol management.

Supporters at Red Bull Arena are encouraged to make the Heineken Designated Driver pledge:

  • I will not consume alcohol at today’s event.
  • I will provide safe, sober transportation home for my group.
  • I will make sure everyone buckles up – every trip, every time.

Designated drivers who make this pledge at New York Red Bulls home games receive a free soft drink and are entered into the Major League Soccer Responsibility Has Its Rewards Sweepstakes.

Fans Don't Let Fans Drive Drunk