Miami Marlins


The Miami Marlins promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at Marlins Park. The Marlins Fan Code of Conduct and the details of the Marlins alcohol management plan that appear below ensure that fans have a safe and fun experience.

  • Budweiser
  • Eagle Brands Sales
  • Levy Restaurants
  • Contemporary Services Corporation
  • TEAM Coalition
Alcohol Service Policies:
Age to Check ID: All Ages
Max Alcohol Drinks: 2/person/possession
Maximum Cup Size: 20 oz
Cans: No
Liquor Sold: Yes
Cut-off Policies:
Concession Stands: End of the 7th inning
Hawkers: End of the 7th inning
Clubs/Suites: End of the game
Night Games: Same as Day Games

TEAM training is not currently conducted at Marlins Park.

The Marlins and Budweiser have teamed up to implement the Budweiser Good Sport Program as a “thank you” to Guests who respect the rights of others, drink responsibly and designate a driver at Marlins home games. Please visit the Budweiser Good Sport Program kiosk located on the Promenade Level. Program registrants must be 21 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license.
2019 Marlins Total: 8,439 2019 League Total: 503,635
2018 Marlins Total: 10,012 2018 League Total: 569,910

The Marlins continually strive to create a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all Guests at Marlins Park. Guests will be treated in a consistent, professional and courteous manner by all Marlins Park Team Members and the Marlins ask for Guests to conduct themselves in a manner that will help ensure a positive experience for everyone. The following Guest Code of Conduct has been established to help maintain an enjoyable environment for everyone.

  • Guests using foul or abusive language are subject to ejection
  • Disorderly Guests inside Marlins Park are subject to ejection and possibly arrest
  • Guests throwing objects onto the field, or entering the field of play, are subject to immediate ejection and arrest
  • Guests are not permitted to enter the Ballpark with inflammatory signs
  • Guests appearing intoxicated will not be permitted inside Marlins Park
  • Guests must refrain from standing or leaning on handrails
  • Guests are not permitted to smoke inside the Ballpark
  • Guests cannot sit or stand on seat backs, stand on seats or step over/on seats
  • Guests are not permitted to enter the Ballpark with obscene or indecent clothing


The Marlins thank you for adhering to the Guest Code of Conduct. The Marlins’ goal is to attain the highest possible standards with its Team on and off the field. Be proud of Marlins Park and enjoy the experience.

Fans Don't Let Fans Drive Drunk